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Jeremy Corbyn on his bicycle That's why I'm doing it." He added: "At my age I'm not likely to be a long-term contender, am I?" Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Jeremy Corbyn was greeted by rapturous crowds during his 2015 victory Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Laura Alvarez, Mr Corbyn's third wife, applaud his first victory That view was quickly revised as Corbynmania took hold. Something about the Islington North MP struck a chord with Labour leadership voters in a way that his three younger, more polished, more careerist, rivals patently did not. Despite, or perhaps because, of his unassuming, low-key style, he seemed able to inspire people who had lost faith in Labour during the Blair/Brown years and bring hope to young activists fired-up by his anti-austerity message. His entry into the contest also prompted a surge in people - many from the left of the existing Labour membership - joining the party or paying 3 to become registered supporters. His perceived integrity and lifelong commitment to the socialist cause made him an attractive option to many left-wing voters jaded by the spin and soundbites of the Westminster political classes. Over the course of a year or so since becoming leader he has become something of a cult figure - ironic for someone who always insisted he didn't do personality politics and had never tried to cultivate a following among MPs. Legendary frugality Instead of amusing anecdotes about youthful indiscretions, or tales of climbing Westminster's greasy pole, his political biography is dominated by the list of the causes he has championed and committees he has served on. He once confessed he had never smoked cannabis - practically unheard of in the left-wing circles he grew up in, but the mark of a man who is known for his austere, almost ascetic, approach to life. His frugality is legendary. He usually has the lowest expenses claims of any MP.

Falling during the hottest time of the year at the end of the dry season (temperatures can rise to over 100F or 40C on some days), its no wonder that the country ushers in the New Year armed with water guns. Water balloons Originally held only in the north of Thailand, the festival is thought to have been introduced by the Burmese, who adapted it from the Indian Holi festival. Traditionally, this was a time to visit and pay respects to elders, including family members, friends and neighbors. The festival spread across Thailand in the mid-20th century; however, the most famous Songkran celebrations are still in the northern city of Chiang Mai, where it continues for at least six days. The main celebrations, in the capital, focus on bathing rites of replicas of revered Buddha images originating from various provinces in the North, South, East and central regions, interspersed with traditional food and dessert-making demonstrations and cultural performances. The opening ceremony will take place on the 10th April, at Phra Chetupon Wimol Manklaram or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Theres also lots of eating The most obvious celebration of Songkran is the throwing of water. You will find many Thai people roaming the streets with containers of water or water guns (sometimes mixed with mentholated talc), or positioning themselves on the side of roads with a garden hose to drench each other and passersby. This, however, was not always the main activity of this festival.

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