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A reptile expert who watched footage of the crocodiles being slaughtered said that “the neck incisions would have been very painful and inhumane,” and “There is no probability that these animals ‘died instantly.'” Workers took the crocodiles into an adjacent room and cut off their skin—a process that takes 15 to 20 minutes per animal. Footage shows that one crocodile continued to move after being skinned. The investigator visited a farm that holds tens of thousands of crocodiles and slaughters 1,500 of them every three months. At this farm—which supplies skins to Louis Vuitton—about 5,000 crocodiles were kept in small, concrete enclosures—some narrower than the length of their bodies. The investigator was told that they are kept in these conditions, which a reptile expert called “overly-restrictive, understimulating, and inhumane” for large crocodiles, for 15 months before finally being slaughtered. At this farm and another one that supplies skins to LVMH, crocodiles were packed into concrete pits. When several animals are housed together, it’s likely that aggression and injuries will result, and these commonly lead to infection and disease. One crocodile was missing a tail. After the crocodiles were slaughtered, workers cut and pulled off their skin—all just to make “luxury” crocodile-skin bags, wallets, and other items to be sold by Louis Vuitton and other brands.

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